"The 21st Century is When Everything Changes"

Recently I restarted my fiction writing career which had been on hiatus since I published my last romance novel in the late 1990s.

Why had I stopped writing romance novels? Probably I just got tired of writing all that romantic drivel.

Come on, ladies! You know perfectly well we don't really want to be ravished by hunka-hunka-burnin'-love guys and besides none of them have that knight-in-shining-armor body or persona. Okay there's that one guy, but he married your best friend, so why pretend he's yours. He never was, he never will be, no matter what "Penthouse Stories" claims, and your best friend doesn't want him either.

Also by the late 90s, I'd been elevated to the Director level in my tech career, and my other businesses were booming too. What little free time I had left, I spent writing technology books as author or contributing editor and playing my trumpet to my horses (no one would let me play it in the house, you see, so I was forced to head into the fields.)

Finally in May of 2016, I had a very vivid dream about Angels. I woke up while the dream was still swirling around in my mind — and wrote it down! That was the start of what I hope will become a series of books.

The first book will be released chapter by chapter, beginning in the spring of 2017. Each chapter will be a short story "complete" onto itself, albeit per my usual writing style, with a story thread that somehow connects all the chapters too.

When all chapters have been completed and pulled together into a book format, each chapter will have additional content that will reveal its connection to the rest of the chapters.

Look for the first chapter (in short story format) is ready for review and/or purchase, I shall publish a synopsis on my Angelo, Warrior website along with a link that will take you to a site you can buy the complete short story. Of course you can also stay up-to-date with the book's progress by following me on twitter: GeekiestWoman. I'm a trumpet player, so I do like to blow my own horn.